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3.8. Record of Employment (Canada)

In Canada, terminated employees are given a document known as a Record of Employment. This document is also submitted to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. See the HRSDC website at http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca for more information. To produce a Record of Employment report from Humanis Back Office, do the following:


  1. Go to Payroll->Reports->Record of Employment
  2. Select the terminated employee
  3. Confirm the accuracy of the Start Date, End Date and Last Pay Period End Date values and correct if necessary then click OK
  4. Select from the list the reason for issuing this ROE then click OK
  5. A grid will be displayed showing the employee's pay history going back to the Start Date confirmed earlier. You can change the pay period number and/or alter the insurability of earnings or hours in this grid if corrections are required. Click OK to proceed to the next step
  6. Confirm (and correct if necessary) the amount of vacation pay owed to this employee at the time of termination then click OK
  7. If you need to generate ROE slips for more than one employee you may add another ROE slip to this batch at this time. Click Yes to repeat the steps above to add an ROE for another employee. Once you have added all the employees you wish to include in the batch, click No to proceed to the next step.
  8. Choose the destination for this ROE slip. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) prefers that employers submit Record of Employment slips using their online service (known as "ROEWeb"). To submit this batch of ROE slips to the ROEWeb application, choose the "ROE Web Application" option and click OK.  In order to make use of the ROE Web application, you must first be registered with HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada) as an ROEWeb user. Contact HRSDC (their web address is http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca) for more information. If you have not registered as an ROEWeb user then you can still produce an ROE on paper using either the ROE Laser Print application ("ROE Laser Print") or by printing directly to the multi-part ROE form on a dot matrix printer ("Print directly to paper").  Click OK once you have made your selection.
  9. If submitting to the ROEWeb application or printing using the ROE Laser Print program, you'll next be asked for a filename.  Save the file to a location of your choice ("My Documents" or similar is recommended) with a filename you can easily identify.  If printing directly to paper, load the ROE paper into your printer and click the Print button.

If your ROE preparation is to be done using the ROEWeb application then you must log into the ROEWeb program and upload the "bulk" file you saved in step 9 above and continue your ROE processing using ROEWeb.


If your ROE preparation is to be done using the ROE Laser Print program then you must open ROE Laser Print and import the "bulk" file you saved in step 9 above and continue your ROE processing using ROE Laser Print.


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