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1.6. How to Print T4 Slips (Canada)

The T4 Printing program has been updated in order to print 2012 T4 slips. Please follow the instructions below to install the updated T4 priting software.

T4 Slips are printed using a program separate from Humanis Back Office.  This program is normally updated annually and the new version usually becomes available in the first or second week of January.

When you start Humanis, if your Login dialog has three fields (Username, Password and a drop down for Database) then you should install using this link:


If you run Humanis Back Office or QUESTar Back Office and the login dialog has only two fields (Username and Password) then use this link to install the T4 printing program:


If you are running the DOS-based "Exem" accounting program then use this link to install the T4 printing program:


Once you have determined the correct program to install, click the link and allow the program to run and to complete its installation.

Now that you have the updated T4 Print program installed, run it from Start->Programs->Humanis T4 Print (or from the desktop icon if you chose to create one). Log in or help the program files your database if asked for either and then select the payroll year for which you intend to print. With the program up and running you will see either four or five options:

View/Edit Employee Earnings

In general you will begin by choosing the first option, View/Edit Employee Earnings. This allows you to change employee earnings or deduction amounts for the year. You can also choose to override the default slip type (T4 for employees, T4A for contractors) for an employee or to enter amounts in any of the "additional information" boxes for either the T4 or T4A. Click the "Go" button. The first time you click this button will lead to a lengthy delay as your payroll data for the year gets summarized. This is done to lead to faster operation thereafter.

When you click the Go button beside View/Edit Employee Earnings, you will be shown a list of all your employees (and contractors) who worked during the calendar year. You can search by typing text into the Search box. To view or edit specific earnings details, double click on a row in the list or select the row of interest and click the Edit button at the bottom of the window.

When editing, you have access to all earnings details for the individual. Change taxable, pensionable or insurable earnings and deductions associated with each on the first page. You can also change the employee's employment code or their province of employment. New this year is the ability to change whether these earnings should be reported on a T4 or a T4A slip.

On the T4 and T4A details pages, you can include amounts from boxes outside the standard wage and tax amounts. Regardless of an employee's "primary slip type", if you fill in a box on one of these two paves, the employee will receive a slip of that type. In other words, if you have an employee who is set to use a T4 as their "primary slip" but fill in a box on the T4A Details page then the employee will receive both a T4 and a T4A.

Print T4 Slips for Employees

The slips will be printed to PDF format on either preprinted slips ordered from the Canada Revenue Agency or on plain paper. Note that if you choose to print on plain paper you may encounter a long delay as the report is prepared.

To print T4s, click the Go button beside Print T4 Slips for Employees. If you received preprinted forms from the Canada Revenue Agency then answer "Yes" when asked if you wish to print on preprinted forms, otherwise answer "No" to print on plain paper.

If you choose to print on preprinted forms then you will next have an opportunity to adjust the alignment of the printed fields so that they fit within the boxes. This is to account for slight differences in page alignment between different printer models (and often also between different printers of the same model).

To align your forms, answer Yes when asked if you wish to test form alignment. A test T4 will be prepared. Load your printer with T4 paper then print the test T4 slip. Use the Move Up, Move Down, Move Left and Move Right buttons to "steer" the printed text into correct alignment on your printed page. Click Print Test each time you want to generate a new test T4 with your updated position. When you are satisfied with the alignment of the text on the page, click OK to continue.

Confirm your company details (business number, name, address, contact person) when asked. Select a save location for your the PDF file your T4 document will be saved into. You will likely want to remember the filename to simplify reprinting T4s in the future. The T4 Print program will begin preparing your complete T4 data. This can take some time if you have a large number of employees. When complete, the PDF document will be displayed in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the Print button or choose File->Print in Acrobat Reader to print your T4 slips.

If you access Humanis Back Office using Windows Terminal Server or Citrix then you may find you get the best results by copying the T4 PDF file to your own computer and then open it on your own computer to print. The steps to do so vary by installation and cannot be covered in this document.

If you have chosen to print on plain paper, you will notice that the system has generated two pages for each T4. Odd-numbered pages are the "front" of the form containing employee data. The even-numbered pages are the reverse side of the form containing box descriptions of for the employee. If your printer supports double-sided printing you should check the settings when you print to ensure that Acrobat Reader prints double-sided. If your printer supports only single-sided printing then you should have Acrobat Reader print only the odd-numbered pages. Once that is complete, you can load the printed T4 slips back into your printer in such a way that the next print job will print on the back of each page with the same edge as the "top" then have Acrobat Reader print all the even-numbered pages. This way, you'll be able to give each of your employees their complete T4 document on a single page.

Print T4A slips for Payees

Print T4A slips is almost identical to printing T4 slips. The only difference in the procedure is that you will not be offered an opportunity to align your forms. The alignment used for the T4 slips should align your T4A slips equally well. The same commentary applies about printing on both sides when printing on plain paper.

Create Submission File

To file your T4/T4A submission with the Canada Revenue Agency, you must first generate a file containing all your data.

Before allowing you to create your file, the system must first validate the data. This checks for missing or ill-formatted information and is intended to prevent you from having your file rejected.

To begin, click the Go button beside Create Submission File. You will be asked to enter (or confirm if you have entered it previously) your "transmitter" information. If you have been assigned a "transmitter number" by the Canada Revenue Agency then you should fill that value in. If not, or you do not know what a "transmitter number" is, leave it blank.

After confirming your information, the system will prepare your submission data. If it detects any errors that could cause rejection of your file, it will inform you of the problems so that you can make corrections. If all its tests pass, you will be prompted to save the file before continuing.

Once you have saved your file, the T4 Print software pass you off to the Canada Revenue Agency website where you will continue. You should take note of where you saved the submission file because you'll need that information in order to send it to the CRA. For convenience, the T4 Print program will copy the file location to your clipboard so that you can just paste the filename into the field (using Ctrl+V or right click and choose Paste) when prompted by the CRA website.

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